While there are no specific course prerequisite requirements to be admitted to the Engineering Management Program, there is an expectation of a basic level of knowledge in quantitative topics typically found at the undergraduate level. Included are topics in statistics, engineering econ/finance and linear programming. Many courses do incorporate some refresher material, but material is covered quickly, in addition to the Master’s level course content, so sometimes students find it a challenge to keep up.
The Engineering Management program is offering a “Quantitative Foundation for Engineering Managers” course to review these topics. (Please note that this course does not count towards the degree requirements.)

Do you need a refresher? Take the quiz below to help you evaluate your knowledge in the statistics area. You might want to download the formula sheet and Standard normal table to refer to when taking the quiz.

If you score less than 7 on this quiz, you should strongly consider taking the refresher course.

To take the quiz, click here,