MSEM Regular Program

Regular Master of Science in Engineering Management

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) program develops future leaders of business and industry in an engineering and technological environment. The program blends a carefully chosen mix of graduate courses offered by the College of Engineering and Computing, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Law.

The MSEM program is designed to offer a tailored degree for those engineers who would like to advance to managerial positions and wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for success.

The MSEM program includes coursework that simulates a business environment where students learn and apply engineering tools, managerial theories, and best practices to design and operate industrial systems. Students in the program are expected to acquire contemporary engineering management theories and techniques, and simultaneously build a solid technical foundation in a chosen engineering track.

To complete a Master’s degree in Engineering Management MSEM curriculum (PDF), the student must complete 30 credits:

  • Three Engineering Management Core courses (9 credits)
  • Three Business Elective courses (9 credits)
  • Four Engineering Track courses (12 credits)

Master’s Project Option

Students in the Engineering Management graduate program may receive permission to conduct a master’s project of three credit hours within their chosen track to complete the degree program. The master’s project (EIN 6950) will replace one Engineering Track course.

Grades and Credits

Students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0. Courses with a grade below ‘C’ will not be counted toward the Master of Science degree in Engineering Management.

Transfer Credit

Students may receive permission to transfer up to a maximum of six semester credits provided that:

  1. The courses were taken at the graduate level at an accredited college or university.
  2. The courses with a grade of ‘B’ or better.
  3. The courses were judged relevant by the program director.
  4. The credits were not used toward another degree.
  5. The credits will be no older than six years at the time of graduation.

No more than 12 semester hours taken at FIU as a non-degree seeking student may be counted toward the Engineering Management graduate program.

Time Limit

All works applicable to the Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, including transfer credits, must be completed within six years of conferral of the degree.