FIU Enterprise & Logistics Engineering


A term you will hear in management circles these days is “interdisciplinary”. Companies have realized the importance of integrating coursework from connected fields – in this case, business and engineering. Strong leaders know that collaboration is key to successful projects.

Learn the business of engineering with programs designed to combine technical, law, and business courses to prepare students with the broad knowledge and skills they need to successfully manage and lead today’s organizations.

FIU Enterprise & Logistics Engineering offers a track to engineering leadership by developing managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology. You can advance your engineering career with a program that combines technical, law, and business courses.

Graduates of this program will learn the broad knowledge and skills required to successfully manage and lead today’s organizations. The customized, state-of-the-art applied management curriculum includes courses in Total Quality Management (TQM), Engineering Project Management and Business Law taught by distinguished faculty experts.


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Quantitative Foundation for Engineering Managers